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This is European Schoolnet
European Schoolnet (EUN) is a network of 30 Ministries of Education in Europe and beyond. EUN was created 15 years ago with the aim to bring about innovation in teaching and learning to its key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers and researchers.
European Schoolnet’s activities are divided among three areas of work:
  • Policy, research and innovation
  • Schools services
  • Learning resource exchange and interoperability

Presentation brochure [pdf – 1.2Mb]
EUN Logo

Policy, research and innovation
European Schoolnet demonstrates how information and communications technology (ICT) can support change in teaching and learning. Together with its members, EUN identifies evidence, best practice and emerging priorities in education in Europe. As part of the services it provides to its stakeholders, European Schoolnet produces country reports which highlight the major trends and policies in today’s education systems in terms of ICT. Through various research projects and networks of pilot schools and local coordinators across Europe, European Schoolnet carries out studies on topics such as the use of games in schools, internet safety, use of learning objects and many other topics.
School services
European Schoolnet has established a strategic position as a European platform for schools to achieve effective use of technologies in teaching and learning, promote the European dimension in education, develop new pedagogical approaches and equip teachers and learners with new skills and raise interest in subjects such as maths, science and technology. Many thousands of schools are engaged in our programmes. European Schoolnet has particularly worked on enhancing cooperation across Europe between schools, as the coordinator of the EU’s eTwinning Central Support Service and the promotion of the European dimension in education (myEurope, Spring Day for Europe).
Learning resource exchange and interoperability

European Schoolnet has been active in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER) for over a decade. It has developed the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) service that currently enables schools to find over 240,000 OER resources from more than 50 content providers.

The LRE was developed in order to provide Ministries of Education with access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools that allow them to more easily exchange high quality learning resources that ‘travel well’ and can be used by teachers in different countries.

The evolution of the LRE has been supported by Ministries of Education in Europe and a number of European Commission funded projects such as ASPECT,CELEBRATECALIBRATE and MELT. Currently, the LRE is sustained entirely as a result of funding from Ministries of Education within a LRE Subcommittee that is open to other public and private sector stakeholders.

Legal information:
Legal entity name: EUN Partnership AISBL
VAT: BE 0865 838 331

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