Games and activities for autistic children that help teach social skills – by Eileen Eva – Helium

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Social interaction directs the lives of people in every age set. However, it is more important for development of young children because this is when they learn how to behave in society. Some children are unable to deal with everyday tasks of communicating with the world around them thus finding it hard interacting with others even for the simplest of tasks. New data revealed by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), indicate that, ”1 out of 110 children have autism”.

Although there is no prevention or cure for autism, there are ways to help these children learn to interact with people around them and cope easier with their world. There are many games and activities for autistic children that help teach social skills, and most of them begin at home where children are most comfortable. Teaching any autistic child begins with basic observation. Parents and caregivers should observe how their child acts on a normal basis to determine the best way to approach teaching them communication and interaction skills.

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